This technical whitepaper explains some of the design decisions behind the Rocketswap
What is BASE?
Base is a secure, low-cost, builder-friendly Ethereum L2 built to bring the next billion users onchain.
Base is incubated within Coinbase and plans to progressively decentralize in the years ahead. We believe that decentralization is critical to creating an open, global cryptoeconomy that is accessible to everyone.

Ethereum L2

Base is built as an Ethereum L2, with the security, stability, and scalability you need to power your dapps. Confidently deploy any EVM codebase and onramp your users and assets from Ethereum L1, Coinbase, and other interoperable chains.

Big features, small fees

Get the EVM environment at a fraction of the cost. Get early access to Ethereum features like Account Abstraction (ERC4337), simple developer APIs for gasless transactions, and smart contract wallets.

Open source

Base is built on the MIT-licensed OP Stack, in collaboration with Optimism. We’re joining as the second Core Dev team working on the OP Stack to ensure it’s a public good available to everyone.

Scaled by Coinbase

Base is an easy way for decentralized apps to leverage Coinbase’s products and distribution. Seamless Coinbase integrations, easy fiat onramps, and access to millions of verified users in the Coinbase ecosystem.
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What is opBNB?
Before we get into opBNB, let's get down you to the BNB Chain.
Build N Build Chain aka BNB Chain, one of the most popular blockchains in the world, dedicates to delivering its core infrastructure necessary for future public adoption, and always remains as a community-first and open-source ecosystem built on a permissionless and decentralized environment.
BNB Chain is comprised of:
  1. 1.
    BNB Beacon Chain - BNB Beacon Chain is the staking and governance layer of the BNB ecosystem.
  2. 2.
    BNB Smart Chain (BSC) - An EVM-compatible blockchain that brings programmability and interoperability to the BNB ecosystem.
  3. 3.
    zkBNB - zkBNB is an infrastructure that is built on zk-Rollup architecture for developers that helps them to build large-scale BSC-based apps with higher throughput and much lower or even zero transaction fees.
  4. 4.
    opBNB - opBNB network is the Layer 2 scaling solution for the BNB Smart Chain powered by the bedrock version of Optimism opStack.
  5. 5.
    BNB Greenfield - BNB Greenfield introduces an entirely new structural and economic paradigm for data in the Web3 era. The ownership, usage, and monetization of data are now possible first and foremost for users, as well as all participants in the BNB Chain ecosystem.
The opBNB network is the Layer 2 scaling solution for the BNB Smart Chain powered by bedrock version of Optimism OP Stack. It works by offloading transaction processing and resource usage from the BNB Smart Chain, while still posting data to the underlying mainnet. Users interact with the opBNB network by depositing funds from BSC and using applications and contracts on opBNB. Sequencers then aggregate transactions, compute state transitions and submit them to the rollup contract on BSC. Provers generate cryptographic proofs that prove the validity of these state transitions, and Verifiers check the proofs to verify the opBNB state is correct. At its core, opBNB allows users to deposit and withdraw funds, use smart contracts, and view network data with high throughput and low fees. By leveraging Layer 2, opBNB is able to scale beyond the constraints of the BNB Smart Chain and provide an improved experience for users.
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RocketSwap has some amazing features that make it stand out. These features are explained below.
RocketSwap is the first protocol to trade on base and automatically provide liquidity.


The exchange is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that enables the exchange of two tokens on the Base Mainnet. This is done effortlessly by RocketSwap to the satisfaction of the user.

💸 Earn

In addition, there are several ways to earn money with RCKT, which are
  1. 1.
    Earn $RCKT with Yield Farms & Staking.
  2. 2.
    Earn $RCKT with Swap.
  3. 3.
    Earn more tokens with RocketSwap pools.
The RocketSwap NFT allows $RCKT holders to win more fun collections while playing.


Project: RocketSwap
Token name: $RCKT
Total supply: 100,000,000 $RCKT (98,000,000 tokens sent to the black hole address)
Token Decimal: 18
Network: Base Mainnet
Contract: 0x6653dD4B92a0e5Bf8ae570A98906d9D6fD2eEc09

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Project: RocketSwap
Token name: $RCKT
Total supply: 2,000,000
Token Decimal: 18
Network: opBNB
Contract: 0xbA4B5fd0326E5Bd0EaeD9369a52f8eF1bf8f5D73

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