Set up Wallet on BaseMainnet

Set up Wallet on Base Mainnet Network-Coninbase Wallet(Recommended)
1. Choose a wallet
Choose Coinbase Wallet extension(chrome extensions applet)

2. Create a Wallet or Import Wallet

3. Auto-configuration of the mainnet
After successful creation or import Coinbase Wallet will automatically configure the primary mainnet for you
Set up Wallet on Base Mainnet Network-MetaMask
1. Choose a wallet
To set up a wallet on Base Mainnet, the first thing is to choose the wallet that fits your needs best.

2. Create a Wallet

Taking MetaMask as an example
Open it and click "Create Wallet".
3. Go to Metamask Settings
4. Tap add edit custom RPC networks
5. Tap add network and save
Network name: Base Mainnet
Chain ID: 8453
Symbol: ETH
Block Explorer URL: https://basescan.org
Congratulations you are now done setting up you RPC.